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Come back into September

Came back into a deepest darkness
to hide
had a dream
with you in there
you called me strange
a lady
then you left
or we left

it was still better than now
when i wake up
it’s nothing
i keep my mind in this deepest darkness
with you
at least you are there
can’t stand the reality
don’t see what i can do
nothing ever will be fine

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His Hero’s journey – Poem nr. Jan.9

His hero’s journey

what a nonsense but wait –

So he actually believes that he is not just a big (vast) emptiness?

He actually sees something when he closes his eyes?

Not darkness to escape from?

Well, that’s actually refreshing (to be honest)

after those endless years of Nietzsche

and abortion gangs

(I’m really terribly sorry to say that).


something new –

like an addiction

like fresh grass

like summer

like horseback riding.





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A gargantuan hole in my head
the truth is:
dark is my hair
the truth is:
human I am
the truth is:
I live on earth
the truth is:
no much else
the else is a hallucination
a daydream
a lie
king-size, bulky, mountainous messcommunication
a truth without the spell check

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So what that I am useless
was I created for the use of
the party community family or church?

so what that I am useless talentless brat
or not, who cares

I splash things against the wall
in childish protest
it’s all deaf and reactionless anyway

the earth is invisible so it’s the cosmos
from my mundane despised perspective
it doesn’t seem to matter
it seems it’s all a lie then
nothing of me is being recorded in the fabric of infinity
I was born and I die
and I yell and that is pointless
quick explosion
stupid kid
among the silence



The more I postpone
the worse I feel
more bottled up
more unreal
I hate that weakness
this subjection of will
avolition of thought and desire
a stateless person in a stateless mind
can’t transcend the heaviness of my lazy being
the need of correctness
is driving me mad
the empty days are followed by nights