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How to know your thoughts are not your own.

How to know your thoughts are not your own?

repeating alien sentences
repeating alien sentences
talking like somebody you don’t even know
being convinced by the extroverted prick
buying books which sucks
assimilating alien culture
being boring for yourself
feeling like a clown
caring about

democracy with 15% illiteracy rate
I am becoming a cynic
well I am

That was a digression
but my mind is possessed
please take it with caution
whatever I said

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Gypsy Song of Me

I was a punk, I was a dreamer
I was a believer and a disbeliever
I was in love and I was in lust
I had my friendships which didn’t last
I was a beauty and I was a hag
I was a woman, and I was a guy
I felt dirt poor, and I felt rich
I’ve been a good kid, I’ve been a bitch
I was a star, and I was a dirt
I’ve been ecstatic, and I’ve been dead
Now, I don’t know, what can I say
It’s hard to be
one everyday.

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Schizoid Song

I am calling my soul back

but she is offended

and she doesn’t answer me

should I go and chase her?

or scare her out of me forever?

is she still alive?

should I try to choke her somewhere in deep water

or go and cross a killing chasm

with her on my arm?

she is such a weakling

quieter and quieter

she just doesn’t speak

she just silently exists

when all the others talk

she disappears.

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Little Ben’s Song

Paper money, paper money, paper money, do you love me?

Oh, I love you,  paper money, you are oh, so sweet!

A tree in my backyard is worth more than you, but so be it,

I do love you paper money, you make me dance and sing,

all I ever need is ink

and my printer which is git

all the people waiting here

for my cute Gutenberg box

to create some magic bill.

Paper money, paper money

oh, so sexy, oh, so dumb

just like you like it man

just like you like it madame.

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My guru is a pyramid lover! Now, I want to die.

Few days ago I needed some motivation, so I went to look for it on YouTube, of course. There is always somebody wise to tell me what to do. And there he was, he, my new hero – Jim Roth – I was mesmerized, totally under his influence, totally and absolutely mesmerized. He was my  guru – for four hours, I BELIEVED in him! He had saved my useless life! What a man! Man of integrity! I even bought one book he recommended, then I’ve read it from cover to cover on a springish field in Central Park, under a beautiful pink tree. It was heaven. The birds were chirping and I was conquering the world sitting on my green – black blanket. I got home to get some more of this gold nectar from his lips when I accidentally goggled him a little more closely.  What I’ve read shattered me to the last fiber of my doomed soul, then I have lost my last faith in humanity, – I couldn’t believe my mind – he, my new found god and herbalife? My god – HERBALIFE!  Isn’t this that spam scheme I used to laugh at with my family when I was 12! This is his secret success story! No, it can’t be true! He is a great man! But yes, it was it. So, he was my guru. After that, I have lost the sickish need to be successful once for all. Thank you very much.