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How to know your thoughts are not your own.

How to know your thoughts are not your own?

repeating alien sentences
repeating alien sentences
talking like somebody you don’t even know
being convinced by the extroverted prick
buying books which sucks
assimilating alien culture
being boring for yourself
feeling like a clown
caring about

democracy with 15% illiteracy rate
I am becoming a cynic
well I am

That was a digression
but my mind is possessed
please take it with caution
whatever I said

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Gypsy Song of Me

I was a punk, I was a dreamer
I was a believer and a disbeliever
I was in love and I was in lust
I had my friendships which didn’t last
I was a beauty and I was a hag
I was a woman, and I was a guy
I felt dirt poor, and I felt rich
I’ve been a good kid, I’ve been a bitch
I was a star, and I was a dirt
I’ve been ecstatic, and I’ve been dead
Now, I don’t know, what can I say
It’s hard to be
one everyday.