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Theatre of cruelty. Before the show. The director’s diary.

Oh, I need to do some art, I really, really need it! When I don’t do art, I feel like I am on fire! Silencio! I got an idea! Let’s find a lobster and hang it. Oh, my cruel theatre, it is going to be cruel, very very cruel! I love it, love it, love it! Hey, stage manager! Come here! Where is the lobster? Nice, red and alive. It will be a pleasure to kill it! Yes, hang it here, where is the hook, you moron? How do you want me to hang it without the fucking hook, I am asking? The show opens in half an hour, and there is no hook! You are fired! Hey, stage manager! Where is the mud and the saw? What saw? How do you want me to cut it without a saw? My goodness, what an idiot! Oh, there is mud, good, let’s bring some more and put this minced meat on her head, yeees, very nice, a little more here, don’t you understand, her whole head must be covered in this! My God, why do I have to work with such stupid assholes! Talking about assholes, you look nice today. OK, quick, quick! The show opens in 15 minutes! The lobster is hot and ready for the performance. Curtain up! Up! Up! Up!