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On the platform to insanity

on another planet
there is only you and me
drunk of love

in insanity

in the tube
there are no people besides us
only our kiss

national rail victoria

here it’s only you and me
we don’t have any plans
or shame

even the cctv cameras
don’t bring us to panic

our kisses are pure and free
on the platform
towards highbury

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Midnight, too late to go home

what is love a compassion a connection of souls at the bottom of existence
why do you need any more explanations
the ability to see yourself in the other bum
without judgement
last passion insanity of the senses
despite the darkness of the park where all this is happening
in the night
in secrecy
dirty love lust
you can call it that
but for me this is life
this is a beautiful encounter
of truth
without the world and day coming into it and spoiling
our secret forbidden love
with broken heels and lost iPhones
in the trees of passion
eternal under the British sky
who cares if they judge us
it is us its ours its our love our need our compassion
the bitches with masculine harsh words
and the successful machos
who cares
why can’t we die in those leaves
but happy on this bench at midnight