Poem, poems, poetry


I cannot solve the puzzle of my soul

Maybe I am an infinite emptiness

Maybe I am just a boring entity

Without a goal and motor

The feeling have left me

After the storm

What is there to pursue

Decorating the home?

I was hungry so I have eaten


I want to dance a little

Its all in pieces

Its just existence


Oh insanity

You are a blessing

You give a meaning to this disconnected pleasant normality

What is there underneath

Don’t ask your mother

She won’t say anything

How is she not bored with this mundane eternity

Poem, poems, poetry

20 century is over now, thank heavens


My grandma was a little bit possessed by the aristocratic madness

Love is a mistake

You lose your resolve, woman

He is not a god, and you are not a bird

You will go straight to well with your nirvana

They don’t want it

They like concrete

I really need to get myself some piano

Oh, Sappho and romantics

Stop strangling me in the sleep


You dreamers

All your opium love spelled dreams

Are suffocating

Killing babies in their sleep at night for their selfish lovers

Poem, poems, poetry


My husband only talks about money and properties

My husband only talks about money and properties

My husband only talks about money and properties

About pipes and refurbishments

About refinancing

And management

The finishing up buildings

And renovations



I don’t give a damn about the shade of the doors endings

His mother only talks about money and properties

I don’t give a damn

I know I’m ungrateful

But I am suffocating

I want to talk about a nonexistent property

in this house