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If we could meet up in some beautiful space
a space which doesn’t fit us at all
cease the contradictions in our heads
for a while
then maybe we could stand up for ourselves

maybe they would stop talking
directing our minds
for the duration
of our stay

just a fantasy, enemy
because I’m your adversary
and you are mine

therefore, we are destined
to stay
in our appropriate bedrooms
thinking about the next life

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Gypsy Song of Me

I was a punk, I was a dreamer
I was a believer and a disbeliever
I was in love and I was in lust
I had my friendships which didn’t last
I was a beauty and I was a hag
I was a woman, and I was a guy
I felt dirt poor, and I felt rich
I’ve been a good kid, I’ve been a bitch
I was a star, and I was a dirt
I’ve been ecstatic, and I’ve been dead
Now, I don’t know, what can I say
It’s hard to be
one everyday.