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Dream without a dream

I’ 12 and I’m very depressed

love fantasy



creating an altar

but my sister is not into religion

orange carpet

and I


almost masculine


the imagination

of the catholic church

is rigid

i need more spring

more spring flowers and water

but not to holy mary

this men in white gowns must be very sad


boys in entrapment

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Christmas Borsch

At the Christmas table my father in law

quotes Marx and says that Lenin was a righteous fellow

I think he says it for me to hear it

but I don’t know

At the Christmas table my mother in law

never talks about politics

and is very devoted to catholic faith

but turns the blind ear to everything

as long as it pays

I sit at this Christmas table

eating their borsch

and feeling quite stupid and dumb

while thinking about my atheist aunt

who was rotting in communist prison

for rejecting the pravda’s of Lenin and Marx

My father in law

is sitting next to me and I don’t know why on my right

again quoting Engels and Marx

and I am eating this salty borsch

thinking about my grandpa’s running away from the Soviet’s hands

I want to get up

but my mother in law

pours into my plate just a little more

of her

sour Christmas borsch.

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Piper methysticum or death.

Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee? –

said Camus

the guy who didn’t love life

too much

I really can’t make up my mind

should I kill myself or have my Piper Methysticum tea instead?

my illegal nectar

in this sad and absurd place

from where I came

It’s just too much today

the door of the world is closing

why should I be hopeful

and lie myself to sleep

that tomorrow will be better

but it never is, not here

Should I kill myself or wait


fear daze connection lost


silent hatred

Should I kill myself today

It just hurts too much

to be in New York tonight

where nothing seems to go well

but at least my illegal tea

is free at this place