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Should I hate them

I do feel hate

but I postpone

and wait

what good will come out of my revenge

it’s better to sleep and bake

go to the mountains

although I won’t

visit the grave

I have never seen

of my sweet sister

with blond curly hair

it’s all over now

the world begins

let the love

calm down

and sleep

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This is a war, honey – what a shame.

It was a dream about us being those special sandpit friends

in a nice love-unity

and joy

of building something


without hitting each other with a spade on the head

and scheming to destroy your underground tunnels

when everything seemed to go great

conspiring with the district gang

how to win over me

I had a dream of us being different then them

But those things are impossible

how could I forget that you are the only child

all this mistrust


ego trips

I retreat

to the very end of the park

to talk with the sunshine instead

and play with pebbles and dirt

but then

the anger at your murderous betrayal

hits me



watch you and your gang

delaying my revenge

don’t you think I forgot

about hate

not yet