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Song of the Bird

It’s a christian revolution
resurrection of the Christ

cause he is no longer stupid and blind

I will detonate those lies
with a rose blast

cause I can’t sleep at nights

In the realm of my prison
in my mind
I will detonate that fakeness of your lies

the whole squadron of the stars
the self-loving mirror gazers
of all kind

I will detonate the fakeness of your lives

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I wish I was a murderer
they are very cool
what can I do what can I do

I wish I could slaughter and be applauded by friends
but I am weak and faint

There is nothing I can do about my constitution
I also don’t agree with prostitution

I need to go to the hills
wearing my high heels

With all those terribly boring people
who don’t kill

That’s the end of my stupid song
I’m going to become friends
with a Christian monk

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Gypsy Song of Me

I was a punk, I was a dreamer
I was a believer and a disbeliever
I was in love and I was in lust
I had my friendships which didn’t last
I was a beauty and I was a hag
I was a woman, and I was a guy
I felt dirt poor, and I felt rich
I’ve been a good kid, I’ve been a bitch
I was a star, and I was a dirt
I’ve been ecstatic, and I’ve been dead
Now, I don’t know, what can I say
It’s hard to be
one everyday.