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This state is deep like a well

This state is deep like a well
long like an underground tunnel

going back in time

decades, centuries

it’s not my fault

not my creation

it’s there

it’s a historical malady
nothing to do with me

I’m just a medium

in my head

decoding it

cleaning my books

the library

magical escape

it’s always a good potion

through the garden of insanity
full of roses
painted blue
it’s dark in the frozen castle

I want to be outside

in the red rose garden
in the sun with
a teenager

red hair
white skirt
that’s the real me
in my head

before the darkness engulfed

put everything into the grave

with a cross
on it
how deadly
I don’t want to be the black raven
I don’t want to see the pit
smell the myrrh
please, take it away from me

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Royal cigarettes

Better world, where is the better world

I’m down chained to the earth with no beauty around

and I dream about

white pages and black india ink

and a bench in acacia hedge garden

but no

it all belongs to the queen

and I belong on the street

on the pavement which belongs to the nation

and I smoke my cigarette under the foggy sky

because I can

but what am I going to do

what am I going to do

when the state say

‘you can’t smoke on the sidewalks anymore’?