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Whistle of a Fool – Song

My ego, my love, I’m still so confused
remember that night I have lost you
Los Angeles street, I think it was Vernon
I knocked on peoples doors asking about God
that night was full of love
this people were wise and soulful

Now, I know it was wrong
I know I wasn’t right
my head was spinning so wildly
cause there is no god
and there is no soul
and doctors
are treating me badly.

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Little Ben’s Song

Paper money, paper money, paper money, do you love me?

Oh, I love you,  paper money, you are oh, so sweet!

A tree in my backyard is worth more than you, but so be it,

I do love you paper money, you make me dance and sing,

all I ever need is ink

and my printer which is git

all the people waiting here

for my cute Gutenberg box

to create some magic bill.

Paper money, paper money

oh, so sexy, oh, so dumb

just like you like it man

just like you like it madame.