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My guru is a pyramid lover! Now, I want to die.

Few days ago I needed some motivation, so I went to look for it on YouTube, of course. There is always somebody wise to tell me what to do. And there he was, he, my new hero – Jim Roth – I was mesmerized, totally under his influence, totally and absolutely mesmerized. He was my  guru – for four hours, I BELIEVED in him! He had saved my useless life! What a man! Man of integrity! I even bought one book he recommended, then I’ve read it from cover to cover on a springish field in Central Park, under a beautiful pink tree. It was heaven. The birds were chirping and I was conquering the world sitting on my green – black blanket. I got home to get some more of this gold nectar from his lips when I accidentally goggled him a little more closely.  What I’ve read shattered me to the last fiber of my doomed soul, then I have lost my last faith in humanity, – I couldn’t believe my mind – he, my new found god and herbalife? My god – HERBALIFE!  Isn’t this that spam scheme I used to laugh at with my family when I was 12! This is his secret success story! No, it can’t be true! He is a great man! But yes, it was it. So, he was my guru. After that, I have lost the sickish need to be successful once for all. Thank you very much.


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